An Ongoing Process 

 Quality Schools International (QSI) is committed to the continuous development of curriculum with goals set to improve the standard of student performance. QSI is continuously dedicated to: 

  • Evaluating the alignment of Exit, Program, Course, Essential Units and Essential Outcomes. 
  • Evaluating course development based on staff input, student needs, and outside standards. 
  • Planned Program and Course Outcome revisions on a yearly basis.  

This is evident through the following process: 

A program is revised on the basis of the number of years since the last revision and/or recognized need for improvement. Program revision is initiated by QSI staff and administrators and has been organized to ensure future planning for continued revision.  

Each year QSI organizes curriculum development in selected courses. Teachers are recruited from QSI schools to serve as curriculum writers.  Once selected, then writers evaluate the current courses and materials.  Feedback from the broader QSI community is also encouraged through surveys.  QSI Resource reaches out to publishers and begins the selection process of examining available materials.  It encourages staff to then begin while at school sites. The process is then worked on during a summer writing session where textbooks and related materials are evaluated and selected. The writing team then creates a draft of the course outcomes and sets goals for writing during the coming school year. The QSI curriculum team will then come together at a designated time and location during the spring of the school year to complete the writing of the course and unit statements. The completed curriculum will then be published, entered into QMS, and sent out to all QSI schools. 

QSI will continue to dedicate staff, administration, time, and money to the continuous revision and development of curriculum for the success of all QSI students.