When searching on the curriculum tab of the website, a variety of different components can be found.  Read below for a brief explanation of each component.  All components are found in folders in the first Curriculum tab on this site. 

This document is what is expected of students who attend QSI schools for any length of time.   QSI’s brief Do Know Believe on our logo reflects these three categories:  Success Orientations (believe), Competencies (do), and Knowledge (know).   

Program Outcomes summarize all the courses taught in a program of study.  There are 7 programs of study listed below.  These documents are revised at the time the curriculum is being revised.  Each program of study lists the courses in that program that are taught in QSI (e.g. Literacy-6, Literature-12, Writing-13, SEC British Literature, SEC Research, etc.). 

  • English 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science 
  • Cultural Studies 
  • Creative and Dramatic Arts 
  • PE and Health 
  • Languages other than English (LOE) 

The Course Outcomes give a specific overview of the whole course (e.g. Literacy-9 or Algebra).  They explain the units that will be taught in each course.  These are written for each course taught in QSI. 

Essential Units are units that will be taught in that course during the school year.  Selective Units are choices that teachers can make to complete the course of study.  Many courses will have a mandated set of Essential Units with a choice of one or two Selective Units per course.  These documents show the specific learning statements that students will learn during the unit.   

The Student Will (TSW) 

The TSW statements show what is expected of each child to master in each course they study.  There are different types of TSWs in the units. 

  • Essential Outcomes- taught and assessed for mastery 
  • Introduced Outcomes– taught, not assessed for mastery* 
  • Practiced/Ongoing Outcomes– ongoing skills taught throughout the unit* 

Evaluation Rubrics 
Rubrics are tools that teachers use to evaluate the work students produce in a unit.